Theocletus II

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Theocletus II was a Greek clergyman who served as Archbishop of Athens and all Greece between 1957 and 1962.

Theocletus was born in Dimitsana, Arcadia in 1890. His name in the world was Panagiotopoulos. He studied Theology at the University of Athens and was ordained a priest in the See of Phthiotis. In 1923, he served as secretary of the Holy Synod and the following year as assistant to Archbishop Chrysostom I of Athens.

In 1931, he became Metropolitan Of Kalavryta and Aigialeia. In 1944, he became Metropolitan of Patra.

On August 7, 1957, he was elected Archbishop of Athens and all Greece. He remained in that position until his death, of a stroke, on January 8, 1962.