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Tsaritsani (originally Melouna) is a town in the community of the same name in Larisa prefecture, Thessaly, Greece.

Up until recent times, Tsaritsani belonged to Elassona municipality. It is built on the foothills of Mount Olympus very close to Elassona.

Prior to the First Balkan War, Tsaritsani stood on the border of Greece and the Ottoman Empire hence the phrase "The Greece of Melouna". In the Second World War the town suffered an attack by the Italian occupation forces: on March 12, 1943, 40 of its inhabitants were executed and 360 homes were burnt.

Tsaritsani was the home town of singer Sophia Vembo - originally a refugee from Eastern Thrace - football player Giorgos Mitsibonas and 19th century clergyman Constantine Oikonomos of the Oikonomoi.