Zygouris Tzavelas

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Zygouris Tzavelas was a Greek freedom fighter who fought in the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire.

Zygouris was the third son of Lambros and Moscho Tzavelas. He was born in Souli and, after its fall to the forces of Ali Pasha, followed his brother Fotos to Corfu. There, he joined the Russian army as an officer.

In 1820, he returned to the mainland to fight alongside Ali Pasha against the Turkish forces of Hursid Pasha. When Ali Pasha's rebellion failed, Tzavelas made his way south to Rumeli and fought in the Greek War of Independence which broke out on March 25, 1821.

Tzavelas took part in the Battle of Kefalovryso and soon afterwards - August 28 of 1823 - in the Battle of Kaliakouda where he was killed.

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