December 5

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  • 1831: Augustinos Kapodistrias is named President of the government of Greece.
  • 1912: Greece uses for the first time airplanes to drop bombs at Bizani
  • 1920: A referendum is held for the return of King Constantine I to Greece as a monarch.
  • 1923: A powerful earthquake (6.4 on the Richter scale) strikes Chalkidiki prefecture and the surrounding area.
  • 1940: Colonel Mardohaios Frizis (Μαρδοχαίος Φριζής), a Greek Jew , is killed near Premeti during the Greek-Italian confrontation. He is the first high ranking officer to fall in battle in World War II.
  • 1969: A pacemaker is implanted for the first time in a heart patient in Greece.
  • 1981: Adultery is decriminalized. Article 357 of the Penal Code that called for imprisonment as a penalty for adultery is revoked.



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