January 12

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  • 1827: Asimo Lidoriki-Goura, widow of Yiannis Gouras and commander of the Acropolis defence, is killed when a Turkish bomb brings down the roof of the Erechtheum.
  • 1931: Tobacco factory workers protest in Piraeus because women were hired at their factory.
  • 1940: The Metaxas government considers a "statement of repent" to be sufficient for the release of any communist held in prison.
  • 1970: A Greek military airplane crashes on Mount Cithaeron. 23 dead.
  • 2007: The U.S. Embassy in Athens was hit by a rocket in an attack that anonymous callers claimed was staged by a left-wing group. Police said the attack was carried out by a domestic terror group. There were no casualties.
  • 2009: Greek shipowner, Pericles Panagopoulos, is kidnapped by three armed men on his way to work in the plush seaside Athens suburb of Kavouri