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The 5000 metres is a popular running distance also known as a 5K or 5 km, colloquially "five-K". It is one of the track events in the Olympic Games and the World Championships in Athletics. "5000 metres" refers to racing on a track and "5K" usually refers to a roadrace or cross country event. While mainly run as an outdoor event, the 5000m is sometimes run on an indoor track. Official records are kept for both outdoor<ref name="iaaf_5000out">iaaf.org - 5000 Metre Records - Outdoor</ref> and indoor<ref>iaaf.org - 5000 Metre Records - Indoor</ref> 5000 m track events, but not for 5 km road races.

Much of the distance's popularity is due to the challenge it offers to both novices and accomplished professionals. It is a distance race that demands a great deal of endurance as well as speed. Tactics are also a key role, and the combination makes it attractive to many.

In Ontario Canada, the 5K race is the standard distance for high school Freshmen cross country.

The world record for men is 12:37.35 set by Ethiopian Kenenisa Bekele in 2004.<ref name="iaaf_5000out" /> The women's record is 14:11.15, set by Tirunesh Dibaba in Oslo in June 2008.<ref name="iaaf_5000out" /><ref>iaaf.org - NEWS FLASH – 14:11.15 - Dibaba smashes World 5000m record in Oslo! - ÅF Golden League 2008. 06 June 2008</ref>

Other notable athletes of the past are Paavo Nurmi (FIN), Emil Zatopek (CZE), Ron Clarke (AUS) and Haile Gabreselassie (ETH).

The 5000m in Greece

The Greek record for the 5000m is held by:

Male athletes

Female athletes




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