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Akadimias Street (Greek: Οδός Ακαδημίας) (named after Plato's school of philosophy) is a major street in Athens that runs parallel to Panepistimiou Street from Vassilissis Sofias Avenue to Kanningos Square in the area of Exarcheia. Its total length is about 1.2km. It has three lanes and runs almost diagonally from southeast to northwest. Following World War II, it was officially renamed Roosevelt Street in honor of the US President, but Athenians remained faithful to its traditional name.

Buildings along the street include the rear of the University of Athens, Athens Academy, the National Library, the Lyrical Theater and the Church of Zoodochou Pigis. To the northeast is the district of Kolonaki.


  • Kanaris Street
  • Voukourestiou Street
  • Amerikis Street
  • Omirou Street (major)
  • Eduardo Lo and Sina Streets
  • Asklepiou Street
  • Ippokratous Street (one way westbound)
  • Mavromichalis Street
  • Charilaou Trikoupi Street
  • Zoodochou Pigis Street
  • Santarosa Street
  • Themistokleous Street
  • Tzortz Street
  • Kanningos Square

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