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Voukourestiou Street (Greek: Οδός Βουκουρεστίου, Odos Voukourestiou meaning "Bucharest Street") is a rather narrow street in the Kolonaki district of Athens known for its high-end boutiques.

Voukourestiou was named for the Treaty of Bucharest which, in 1913, ended the Second Balkan War.

Starting in the 1950s, this street was the street for hip and trendy European and American goods in the Greek capital as well as gold and jewellery shops. Running from Panepistimiou Street to the slope of Mt. Lycabettus, the street epitomized fancy shopping in Greece for generations.

Voukourestiou Street is one of the four streets (the others are Stadiou Street, Amerikis Street and Panepistimiou Street) which enclose the large building of the former Army Shareholders' Fund. Now the building houses the Attica Department Store and the headquarters of the Piraeus Bank. Among others, there are a spa, three theatres and three cafés and restaurants, one of which is the famous Zonar's–Le café d'Athènes. The building is crossed by an arcade which connects Voukourestiou and Amerikis Streets. This block—recently known as Athens City Link—houses the majority of the high-end boutiques in central Athens.

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