Amyntas I of Macedon

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Amyntas I, king of Macedon (c. 540-498 BC), was a tributary vassal of Darius Hystaspes of Persia. With him the history of Macedon may be said to begin. He was the first of its rulers to have relations with other countries; he entered into an alliance with the Peisistratidae of Athens, and when Hippias was driven out of Athens he offered him the territory of Anthemus on the Thermaic Gulf, with the object of turning the Greek party feuds to his own advantage.

Ancient sources: (Herodotus v. 17, 94; Justin vii. 2; Thucydides ii. 100; Pausanias ix. 40).

Preceded by:
Alcetas I
King of Macedon
547 BC–498 BC
Succeeded by:
Alexander I

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