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Macedon (also known as Macedonia) was an ancient kingdom in the present-day territory of northern Greece, inhabited by the Ancient Macedonians. It emerged into prominence in the 4th century BC when King Philip II conquered the Greek city-states. Philip's son, Alexander the Great, conquered the Persian Empire a few years later. The Kingdom of Macedon itself soon lost direct control of these vast Asian territories, but it retained its hegemony over Greece itself until defeated by the Roman Republic in the Macedonian Wars (215 - 148 BC).

Argead Dynasty

Antipatrid Dynasty

Antigonid Dynasty

After Perseus's defeat at the Battle of Pydna in 168 BC, Macedon was divided into four republics under Roman domination. In 150 BC, a man named Andriscus claimed to be the son of Perseus, and claimed the throne of Macedon as Philip VI. This led to the Fourth Macedonian War, in which Andriscus was defeated by the Romans, and Macedon annexed to Rome in 148 BC.

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