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Artotina is a town in the municipality of Vardousia, Phocis prefecture, Central Greece.

Its population in 2001 was 499 inhabitants.

Artotina is built on the western foothills of the Vardousia mountains, at an altitude of 1,180m. Nearby is the monastery of Saint John the Forerunner where Athanasios Diakos, the hero of the Greek War of Independence, served as a monk.

Artotina is one of two villages that claim to be the birthplace of Diakos. The hero himself claimed to have been born in Ano Mousounitsa where his family originated, however the documentary evidence points to Artotina.

Besides, Diakos, Artotina was the home town of several other Kapetanei and revolutionaries: Loukas Kaliakoudas, who fought alongside captain Lambros Katsonis; Dimos Kaltsas; Ioannis Roukis; Andritsos Siafakas and Gerantonos.