Aspropyrgos Refinery

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Work for the modernization of the Aspropyrgos Refinery completed in 2002

The Aspropyrgos Refinery is an oil refinery ocated at Aspropyrgos, Attica and operated by Hellenic Petroleum SA. The Aspropyrgos Refinery is of a complex type, the most modern refinery in the Mediterranean, and one of the most modern in Europe, with a capacity of 6.2 million tones per year.

It has refining capability of 6.000.000 metric tons of crude oil per year and has available Conversion Units (F.C.C. etc).The Refinery has a total self generation of 50 MW electric energy (two Gas Turbines -17 MW and one Steam Turbine 16 MW ).

Its modernized naphtha total isomerization unit came on stream in 1998 and the benzene saturation unit in 1999; both contribute to the production of gasolines according to the Auto Oil 2000 specifications of the European Union.

Significant investment and upgrading of the units of catalytic hydrogen desulphurization, VCO and fluid catalytic cracker units now permit the production of automotive diesel oil and gasolines with specifications well above Auto Oil 2000 requirements.