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Atalanti (Greek: Αταλάντη), is a town and a municipality in Lokris in the southeastern part of the Phthiotis prefecture in Central Greece. Atalanti is the capital of the Lokris province and the second largest town in Phthiotis prefecture. Atalanti is accessed via the GR-1 (Athens - Lamia - Thessaloniki) with an interchange to the east and is also linked with the secondary GR-1. Atalanti is located east of Karpenisi, ENE of Agrinio, south of Karditsa, west of Lamia and the GR-1/E65 and the E75 as well as the GR-3 and WNW of Amfissa.


Municipal districts

Historical population

Year Population Change Municipal population Change
1940 4,041 - - -
1981 5,562 +1,521/+37.64% - -
1991 6,189 +627/+11.27% 10,240 -
2001 6,127 -62/-1% 10,367 +127/+1.24%%


Atalanti has schools, lyceums or middle schools, gymnasia or secondary schools, churches, a post office, banks, and squares (plateies).

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