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Karpenisi (Greek: Καρπενήσι - Karpenísi) is a city in Central Greece. It is the capital of the prefecture Evrytania.


Karpenisi is believed to have been built during Byzantine times. By 1393, it was captured by the Ottoman Turks who made it an administrative centre of the area.

During the Greek War of Independence, Karpenisi was liberated in July 1821, retaken by the Turks in 1825 and was permanently liberated on November 23, 1828. During the war, on August 9, 1823, the Battle of Kefalovriso took place nearby which resulted in a great victory for the Greek side with the only drawback being the loss of their leader, Markos Botsaris.

Karpenisi was a centre of guerilla activity during the German occupation which followed their invasion of Greece. During the Greek Civil War, which followed the liberation from the Axis forces, Karpenisi was attacked and captured by the Communist guerrilas on January 19 of 1949.


According to the 2001 census, the city itself has a population of 6,775 inhabitants, the municipal area 9,290.


Sister city

  • Asheville, North Carolina