Battle of Bizani

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The Battle of Bizani was an action in the Balkan Wars fought between January 10 and February 20, 1913 between the Greek army (41,000 men) and the last Ottoman army ever to enter Macedonia or Epirus (30,000 men).

The initial Greek attacks on January 11 and 12 were repelled by the Turks with heavy losses for the Greek side. However, on February 20, 1913, the Greek Army attacked again, out-flanking the Turks on the west while occupying their forces in the east and in the centre. The Ottoman Army was taken by surprise and their commander, Esad Pasha, surrendered at dawn of February 21 at Emin Agha Inn - the headquarters of the Greek Army.

The Ottoman defeat lead to the capture of Ioannina in Epirus.

Greek casualties amounted to 812 dead and 1,499 wounded.