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Haris Aivaliotis (alternative spellings Haris or Charis Ayvaliotis) is a former Cypriot athlete of the 1960s era.

Aivaliotis was born in Lemesos, in 1936, the son of Vasos Aivaliotis, a founder of AE Limassol. He competed in the 100m and the 200m representing Greece as did all Greek Cypriot athletes of that era.

In 1967, Aivaliotis set the Greek record for the 100m with 10.4, qualifying for the Mexico Olympic Games.

Among his accomplishments, Aivaliotis won the gold medals in the Mediterranean Games of 1967 in Tunis and the Balkan Games, held in that same year, in Istanbul.

In 1968, he was the first torchbearer of the Olympic flame. He was a torchbearer again in 2008 when the Olympic flame arrived in his native Limassol on its way to Beijing.