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Eudokia Angelos (Greek: Ευδοκία Αγγέλου) was a Byzantine princess and empress.

Eudokia Angelos (Also known as Eudokia Angelina) was born before 1175, in Constantinople, the third daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Alexios III Angelos (1155 - 1211) and Euphosyne Kamateros (ca. 1158 - 1211). Her mother was also known as Doukaina Kamaterina although her father was Andronikos Kamateros and her mother Qirwerne Lalibela and there is no connection to the Douka family.

Eudokia had two older sisters, Irene Angelos and Anna Angelos, Empress of Nicaea.


Eudokia married three times:

First marriage: In 1195 she married Stefan I "Prvovencani" Nemanja, Tsar of Serbia. The marriage produced 4 children. Allegedly, Eudokia left her husband and returned to Constantinople.

Second marriage: In April 1204, she married Alexios V "Mourtzouflos" Doukas, the Emperor who lost Constantinople to the Crusaders (Fourth Crusade). Eudokia and her mother, Euphrosyne, managed to escape the city and join Alexios in Thrace. They married soon afterwards[1]

Alexios V Doukas was strangled afterwards on the orders of her father Alexios III Angelos.

Before marrying Alexios V Doukas, Eudokia was his mistress in Constantinople

Third marriage: In 1204 she married Leo Sgouros after he offered asylum to her family[2].

Eudokia died about 1211 in Acrocorintho.


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