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Filothei (Greek: Φιλοθέη) is a green, affluent suburb of Athens, Greece, consisting mainly of hillside villas, relatively close to the Olympic Stadium.

Originally built to house employees of the National Bank of Greece, the area is now home to many of Athens' foreign residents, especially those employed in diplomatic capacities.


Up until 1934, the area was part of the municipality of Chalandri. At that point, it became a separate community known as Nea Alexandria. It was renamed Filothei in 1936 to honour Saint Filothei who lived there in the 16th century.

Historical population

Year Municipal population Change Density
1951 1,538 - 668/km²
1961 3,088 1,550 / 100.8% 1342/km²
1971 4,087 999 / 32.4% 1776/km²
1981 6,749 2,662 / 68.1% 2987/km²
1991 8,396 1,647 / 24.40% 3649/km²
2001 7,310 -1,086 / -12.9% 3177/km²

North: Maroussi
West: Nea Ionia, Galatsi Filothei East: Chalandri, Maroussi (NE)
South: Psychiko, Neo Psychiko (SE)