Georgios Orfanidis

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Gold 1896 Free Rifle
Silver 1896 Rapid Fire Pistol
Gold 1906 50 metres pistol

Georgios Orfanidis (Greek Γεώργιος Ορφανίδης, 1859 – ?) was a Greek sports shooter. He competed at the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens, the 1906 Summer Olympics in Athens and at the 1908 Summer Olympics in London.

Orfanidis competed in all five of the shooting events: military rifle, free rifle, military pistol, rapid fire pistol, and free pistol. The first event held was the military rifle competition, in which Orfanidis placed fifth after scoring 1,698 points. His place in the second event, the military pistol, is unknown but he did not win a medal. He finished last place (of five) in the free pistol.

Success came late in the competition for Orfanidis, as he placed second in his penultimate event, the rapid fire pistol. He scored 249 points on 20 hits in the event, finishing behind Ioannis Frangoudis. In the free rifle, Orfanidis defeated Frangoudis and the rest of the marksmen to win an Olympic championship. His score of 1,583 was bolstered by a second-string score of 520 in which he hit the target with all 10 shots. The results for the first, third, and fourth strings were 328, 420, and 315 points, respectively. Orfanidis missed only three times out of the 40 shots; twice in the first string and once in the fourth.

Orfanidis also won gold in the 1906 Summer Olympics in Athens in the 50m pistol event.

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