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Ikaros Kallithea BC (Greek Ίκαρος Καλλιθέας) is a Greek basketball club based in Kallithea, Athens, Greece.

Ikaros was founded in 1991 in Nea Smyrni and, up until 2007, was known as Ikaros Nea Smyrni. In 2007, the team moved to Kallithea and merged with local club AE Kallithea-Tzitzifies. The team name then changed to AE Ikaros Kallithea.

In 2008, AE Ikaros won promotion to the A2 Division.

In 2009, Ikaros merged again, this time with POK Esperos and became known as Ikaros-Esperos. The club won promotion to the top A1 Division but, in 2010, POK Esperos pulled out of the merger and the club reverted to the name Ikaros.

The team's colours are white, blue and red.