Juan Ramon Rocha

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Juan Ramon Rocha
Juan Ramon Rocha - Velimir Zajec

Juan Ramón Rocha (born March 8, 1954 in Santo Tome, Corrientes province, Argentina) is an Argentinian former football player who is currently a coach.

Rocha began his football career at Newell's Old Boys. Panathinaikos acquired him in 1979 from Boca Juniors. He played for PAO until his retirement in the spring of 1989.

He first came to Greece as a player of Greek origin named Yiannis Boublis. The subsequent discovery of record falsifications and the ensuing scandal almost landed Rocha in jail and Panathinaikos in the Second Division.

Nicknamed The Indian, he was a great footballer who had skill, vision and served the club for a very long time.

He is definitely one of the best players in PAO's history as older fans fondly remember.

He has had three stints as Panathinaikos' coach: 1994 - 1996, 1999 and 2012 - 2013. During his first stint, he led Panathinaikos to the semi final run in the '95-'96 UEFA Champions League.

  • Years at PAO : 10 -
  • League games: 227 -
  • League goals: 13 -
  • Cup Goals : 3 -
  • Games in Europe: 15 -
  • Goals in Europe: 2 -
  • Games with Argentine NT: 12 -
  • goals w/ NT: 0 -
  • Leagues won : 3 -
  • Cups won :5