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Kileler (Greek: Κιλελέρ) is a village in Larisa prefecture, Thessaly, Greece, now known as Kypseli.

The village became known for the bloody events that took place there on March 6, 1910. On that day, the farmers of Thessaly were having a rally in Larisa to demand that the large farms ("cifliks") of the region be expropriated and redistributed to those who owned no land.

When some of the farmers from Kileler tried to enter the train to Larisa without buying tickets, a military squad fired against them, killing two and injuring one of them. A similar event occurred in the next village on the way to Larisa with more casualties. The farmers who had gathered in Larisa were enraged when they heard about the events and attacked the authorities, which had been mobilised in the meantime. A fair number of demonstrators were killed or injured in the clashes that followed.

The events had a strong impact on Greek public opinion, and the government of Venizelos satisfied some of the farmers' basic demands.

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