Kostas Charalambidis (1980s)

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Kostas Charalambidis was a Greek football forward of the 1980s era.

Charalambidis was born on March 14, 1954 in Kilkis, Macedonia, Greece. He started his career at local club Megas Alexandros Kilkis. His next stop was Kilkisiakos where he played between 1971 and 1978.

For two years - 1978 through 1980 - Charalambidis played for Veria FC. He transferred to AE Larisa in 1980 where he scored 11 goals in 31 games in the lone season he played for them (1980-81).

In 1981, he moved to Aris Thessaloniki where he played until December 1984. He next transferred to PAS Giannina where he played until 1985.

In 1985, Charalambidis returned to Kilkis to play for Kilkisiakos. He ended his career in 1988 to become a coach.

In 1996, Charalambidis quit coaching to play for amateur teams. He has since scored 120 goals for various amateur clubs in Kilkis prefecture such as Neotita Metaliko, Proodeftiki Stavrochori, Vaptistis, Leventis Leventochori and Iraklis Argyroupolis.