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Kostas Tsartsaris (Greek Κώστας Τσαρτσαρής) also known as Costas Tsartsaris (born October 17, 1979 in Veria, Macedonia, Greece), is a Greek professional basketball player currently with Panathinaikos BC. A 2.09m power forward, Tsartsaris was first noticed by professional Greek clubs when he played for Grindavik in Iceland during the 1997-98 season, becoming one of the better rebounders of the Icelandic league. Tsartsaris was actually forced to play abroad since there was no other way to break his contract binding him to Philippos BC of Veria. He returned to Greece after one season in Iceland to play for Near East BC, later with Peristeri and is currently with Panathinaikos. Tsartsaris is also a member of the National Basketball Team of Greece.

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