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Kyparissia (Greek: Κυπαρισσία) is a town of around 5,708 in western Messenia. The population has been steady. The town centre is situated on a road (GR-9 connected almost centrally between Pyrgos and Methoni. Its distance is around 65 km south of Pyrgos, 67 km west of Kalamata via GR-9A and approximately 16 km south of the Neda River. The latitude location is about 37.2 N, and almost 25.5 E longitude. The elevation is sea level in the west, approximately 20 m downtown, and 50 m or higher in the east. There are approximately a 1,500 dwellings in the municipality. It is also the seat of the Province of Tryfilia. The town is built amphitheatrically. In the Middle Ages, it was known as Arkadia (Αρκάδια), with the second Greek alpha accented not sounding like Arcadia.



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(οικισμοί: Μεμί, Μπλεμενιάνοι, Μύλοι, Ροντάκι, Τερψιθέα) Αρμενιοί: 462


The city centre is nearly lined, and adjacent to the train tracks. Cyparissia has the southwesternmost railway station in Greece. The railroad station has a freight yard with its length of around 500 m making it the southwestern terminus of the OSE railway line. It is also the agricultural trade centre.

The town is almost surrounded with olive groves and trees and mixed farming. The town has churches. There is one hospital. Forests including cypresses and pines to its east. An acropolis and a fortress built during the Frankish period.

Kyparissia has schools, lyceums, a gymnasium, banks, churches including Agia Triada, a post office and squares, beaches (paralies). Kyparissia also includes a port to the northwest in its bay and the barriers are almost shaped like the letter G but the southwest barrier rons to the northwest from the point. The port is mainly used for cargo purposes and has no ferry services.

Downtown is nearly 200 m from the shoreline of the Ionian Sea which includes the nearby Gulf of Kyparissia (Kyparissiakos Kolpos), and west of the nearest mountains. The port of Kyparissia is to the northwest.

Olive production dominates its agricultural industry and by the sea, second after Zakynthos features sea turtles known as Caretta caretta

Historical population

Year Population Change Municipal population Density
1981 4,636 - - -
1991 5,149 +513 or +11.07% - 74.31/km²
2001 5,708 +559 or +10.86 8,648 85.61/km²


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