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Leonidas Kabantais (born in March 8, 1982 in Athens, Greece) is a football player, currently playing for OFI FC


In Aris FC

Kabantais began his professional career in Aris FC in 2002, appearing in 11 matches in Alpha Ethniki scoring 2 goals. He remained in Salonica for another year, scoring 1 goal in 7 appearances.

The Move to AEK Athens

He joined AEK Athens in 2004, while AEK had been facing serious economical problems. Although Demis Nikolaidis (Chairman) and Ilija Ivic (Managing Director) knew that he had injury problems with his knee, they decided to sign him. Kabantais, picked number 11, which was used by Nikolaidis, who was a fan favourite), By that time, AEK had no great player for a second Striker to partner Nikos Lyberopoulos, the co-captain. However, Kabantais missed the chance to help AEK Athens, scoring just 2 goals in 11 appearences, due to serious injury problems.

In Season 2005, Fernando Santos proposed him to go on-loan, to gain the required experience. He agreed, and moved to Anorthosis Famagusta FC, where Temuri Ketsbaia (a former player of AEK Athens) was a player-manager. However, Kabantais returned after 6 months, in January of 2006, having personal problems with Ketsbaia.

He moved then to Panionios FC for 6 months. Panionios had the option of buying the player. At first, he did not play very well, but later he scored 2 very important goals.

In 2006, Ilija Ivic told him that the best for him was to go on-loan again. However, Kabantais was unwilling to go, unless the new manager ordered him to do so. Serra Ferrer (the new manager), gave him enough chances to prove his worth, as he did.


In 2007, Kabantais moved to Germany where he played for Arminia Bielefeld. Over the next two years he appeared in 8 matches scoring just one goal.

He returned to Greece and Olympiakos Volos in 2009. In 2010, he transferred to OFI Crete.

International career

Kabantais played for the Greek Olympic Team in 2004.


  • One of his best friend is Simos Krassas. They played together at AEK Athens for one year, and then they were both given on-loan to Panionios FC


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