Leonidas Paraskevopoulos

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Leonidas Paraskevopoulos was a Greek military man and politician.

Paraskevopoulos was born in 1860 on the island of Kythnos to a family that hailed from Smyrna, Asia Minor. He joined the military and took part in the Greco-Turkish War (1897), the Balkan Wars and World War I.

After the First World War, Paraskevopoulos was made Commander in Chief of the Greek forces that occupied Smyrna in 1919. Under his command, the Greek Army successfully extended their occupation zone, from the greater Smyrna area, south to Aydini and west to Kios. He was replaced however, after the November 1920 elections, with the royalist Anastasios Papoulas.

After the Asia Minor Disaster, Paraskevopoulos entered politics and served as President of the Senate (1929). He died in 1936 in Athens.