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Maro Kontou and Lambros Konstantaras in a scene from the 1964 film comedy O Gerontokoros.

Maro Kontou is a Greek stage and screen actress and, more recently, a member of the Hellenic Parliament.

Kontou was born in the Koukaki section of Athens on June 21, 1937. She was educated in Athens and Germany and made her debut on stage in 1959.

During her acting career Kontou appeared in 61 films and 90 theatrical plays. Among her best known films are "Τα κίτρινα γάντια" (Yellow gloves) (1960), "Η σωφερίνα" (The lady driver) (1964), "Η δε γυνή να φοβήται τον άνδρα" (Woman should respect man) (1965), "Μια Ιταλίδα από την Κυψέλη" (An Italian woman from Kypseli) (1968).

Between 1994 and 2002, Kontou ventured into local politics and was elected a member of the Athens City Council. In January 2007, she took the seat of Nikitas Kaklamanis - who resigned to become Athens Mayor - in the Hellenic Parliament as runner-up of the 2004 elections. She is a member of the ruling New Democracy Party.

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