Nikodimos Milonas

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Nikodimos Milonas (1889 - 1937) was a Cypriot cleric and Member of Parliament.

Milonas was born in Limnia, Ammochostos province in 1889. He rose to become Metropolitan of Kition and was also elected to the Cyprus Parliament.

On October 17, 1931, he called for protests throughout Cyprus against the British who had by this time taken over education, imposed heavy taxation on the people and had repeatedly ignored their desire for Enosis with Greece. Three days later, Milonas - who, in protest, resigned his position in Parliament - addressed the people of Cyprus in the GSO Stadium in Limassol again calling for boycotts and non-cooperation with the authorities. His words stirred the people of Cyprus who, the following day, October 21, 1931, marched on the governor's mansion in Nicosia and, after scuffles with the police, stoned it and eventually set it afire. Soon the protests spread throughout the island.

The British reacted with force killing 15 protesters and injuring 60. Metropolitan Nikodimos was arrested and exiled to Jerusalem where he died in 1937.