Nikos Stavridis

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Nikos Stavridis

Nikos Stavridis was a Greek stage and screen comedy actor.

Stavridis was born in Vathy, on the island of Samos, in 1910. He made his first appearance on stage in 1929, when he was barely 19 years of age. In the years to come, he would act in over 100 plays, eventually forming a theatre group of his own which toured both Greece and abroad.

Stavridis debuted in the cinema in 1950. By 1972, he had appeared in over 120 films. He died on December 14, 1987 in Samos.

His films

  • Έλα στον θείο - Come to daddy
  • Οι Παπατζήδες - The swindlers
  • Γραφείο Συνοικεσίων - Matchmakers, Inc.
  • Τα κίτρινα γάντια - Yellow gloves
  • Η Χιονάτη και τα 7 γεροντοπαλλήκαρα - Snow White and the 7 bachelors
  • Σταμάτης και Γρηγόρης - Red light, green light
  • Η Αθήνα τη νύχτα - Athens by night
  • Ζητείται τίμιος - Wanted: an honest man
  • Ο αδερφός μου ο τροχονόμος - My brother the traffic warden
  • Ψυχραιμία Ναπολέων - Courage, Napoleon!
  • Ξύπνα καημένε Περικλή - Wake up poor Pericles
  • Ο ανθρωπος ρολόϊ - The clock man