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Rethymno (Greek Ρέθυμνο or Ρέθυμνον), a city of 32,468 people, according to the 2011 census, is the capital of Rethymno prefecture in the island of Crete, Greece. It was built in antiquity, even though it has never been a big center. It was however strong enough to mint its own coins. One of these coins is today depicted as the crest of the town.

Rethymno started growing again when the Venetian conquerors of the island wanted to have an intermediate commercial station between Heraklion and Chania. Today's old town (palia poli) is almost entirely built by Venetians.

It has a Venetian castle called the Fortetza which is the one of the best standing castles in Greece. Other monuments include the Neratze mosque (St. Katherine's catholic church), the Great Gate (megali porta, Porta Guerra), the Piazza Rimondi (Rimmondi square) etc.

Today its main income is tourism, and it also is the base of the Philosophical school of the University of Crete.


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