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Simão Mate Junior (born 23 July 1988) is a football player from Mozambique, currently playing as a defensive midfielder or a central defender for Panathinaikos FC. The young footballer went to Greece in the summer of 2007. Until then, he had played for Mozambique side Clube Ferroviário de Maputo,[1] which he joined in 2003. He underwent a two-week trial and eventually signed a 4-year deal with Panathinaikos FC[2]. Since then he has managed to surprise his coach and the team's fans with his solid, tenacious performance. Despite his young age, he has made some first-team appearances and has become a valuable solution for his coach Henk ten Cate. Although he signed as a defender, circumstances and teammates' injuries made the team's coach to use Simão as a defensive midfielder.


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