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Stella Yiaboura (Greek: Στέλλα Γιαμπουρά) is a model, actress and former beauty pageant winner Miss Young (2000) and B Star Hellas (2002).


While her childhood dreams were of becoming a gymnast or police officer, luck had it otherwise.

The TV series Taurus with Sagittarius (Ταύρος με Τοξότη) was filming in her neighborhood, when director Manousos Manousakis saw her and asked her to participate in an episode as an extra. Actress Maria Ioannidou, who played her mother in the series, took her to her dance school. From there she joined the modeling agency Christi that was located at the same building, one floor above the dance school. From there she went on to the beauty pageants.

She later worked in the series Morning Coffee (Πρωινό καφέ) when Manousakis approached her again. He convinced her to take acting lessons. She later had parts in the series Hellas , Your Glory (Ελλάς, το μεγαλείο σου) directed by Manousos Manousakis, Sera Sera (Σερά σερά), For a Woman and a Car (Για μια Γυναίκα και ένα Αυτοκίνητο), and a guest appearance in the series 10th Commandment (10η Εντολή).

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