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Terence Quick is a Greek newspaper and television reporter.

Quick was born in Thessaloniki on February 18, 1947. He is a graduate of Pantios University.

Quick started working as a reporter in 1966. He has worked for dailies "Ethnos", "Fos of Sports", "Simerina" and as a correspondent for The Sun in Athens before switching to television.

Quick was the main presenter of the news for ERT for several years when he was called upon to set up channel ET3 in Thessaloniki. His affiliation with ERT lasted until 1989 when he joined newly-formed private TV network ANT1. He was ANT1's main newscaster for the next ten years, partnering co-presenters such as Tatiana Stefanidou, Liana Kanelli, Elli Stai.

In 1992, he became the host of the weekly TV program "Tonight with Terence Quick". Afterwards, he hosted various programs on Star Channel, Alter Channel and ET3 where he revived "Tonight with Terence Quick".

He has continued as a news presenter with Blue Sky and Kontra Channel.

Quick was elected to the Athens City Council in 1986. As of March 2012, he serves as spokesman for the political party Independent Greeks of Panos Kammenos.

Quick was married twice and is divorced twice. He has three children.