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Tonis Maroudas was a Greek Elafro singer, a contemporary of Nikos Gounaris.

Maroudas was born in Patra on March 17, 1920. He lost his father at age 2 and found himself out of school and working to support his family at a very early age. At age 18, Maroudas left to seek his fortune in Athens. He started singing soon after that.

Tonis Maroudas had many great hits to his credit. He toured the US and appeared on American television. He also appeared in the film "Boy on a Dolphin" where he sang his mega-hit "Τι 'ναι αυτό που το λένε Αγάπη;" ("What is this thing they call 'love'?") alongside Sophia Loren.

Maroudas died on July 22, 1988 from cancer.

His Songs

  • Όνειρα - Dreams
  • Εγώ θα κόψω το Κρασί - I'll stop drinking Wine
  • Λάθος η Αγάπη μας - Our Love was a Mistake
  • Μάτια καστανά - Brown eyes
  • Τι 'ναι αυτό που το λένε Αγάπη; - What is this thing they call 'love'?