Trio Bel Canto

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Nikos Gounaris and the Trio Bel Canto. Michalis Mattheos is on the left, Yiannis Papamakariou in the centre and Vangelis Metaxas on the right

The Trio Bel Canto was a Greek musical group that was formed in 1954 in Nikaia, Piraeus, by Vangelis Metaxas, Yiannis Papamakariou and Michalis Mattheos.

The three young - at that time - musicians were inspired by another group of that era: the Trio Kitara. Their specialty was the elafro music and they accompanied singers such as Nikos Gounaris, Tonis Maroudas, Nana Mouskouri, Mary Linda and others.

In 1962 the Trio Bel Canto relocated to the USA making a name for themselves, at first as Nikos Gounaris accompanying group but later on their own. The Trio Bel Canto have sang at Carnegie Hall, appeared routinely on Greek-American television, toured extensively and recorded some 25 albums.

Michalis Mattheos dropped out of the group in the late 1970s and was replaced by Takis Lenis. He died in 1992.

Vangelis Metaxas and Yiannis Papamakariou have since then returned to Greece.