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The Trio Canzone was a Greek musical group that was formed in 1953 in Thessaloniki, by Filippos Papatheodorou, Kostas Trouptsios and Giorgos Petsilas.

The group was created at a time when several musical trios sprang up in Greece (e.g. the Trio Kitara and the Trio Bel Canto). Their specialty was Latin and elafro music.

In 1963 the group was renamed "Trio Athenee" and relocated to Holland. After a fourth musician - Kleanthis Mandamopoulos - was added to the group, the were renamed once again to "Les Atheniens".

For several years they were the backup group for Nana Mouschouri and guitarist Giorgos Petsilas was married to the great singer.

Les Atheniens dissolved in 1975.