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Xenia Kalogeropoulou is a Greek stage, screen and television actress.

Kalogeropoulou was born on September 11, 1936, in Athens. She studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art of London and made her stage debut in 1956 as a member of the London-based French group "La Troupe Francaise".

She made her stage debut in Greece in 1958 and soon developed into one of the top actresses of her generation, appearing in Chekhov's "The Seagull" (as Nina), Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice" (as Porcia), Turgenev's "A Month in the Country" (as Natalia), Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest" (as Cecily) etc.

From 1965 until 1975 Kalogeropoulou, along with her then-husband Yiannis Fertis, had their own theatre group.

She made her screen debut in 1958, in the film «Η κυρά μας η μαμή» (Mrs Midwife). She played in another 35 Greek films as well as three foreign ones.

Kalogeropoulou has translated 17 theatrical works and has written six works for children:

  • «Οδυσσεβάχ»,
  • «Ελίζα»
  • «Η Πεντάμορφη και το Τέρας»
  • «Οικογένεια Νώε»
  • «O Eλαφοβασιλιάς»


  • «Η κυρά μας η μαμή» (Mrs Midwife) - (1958)
  • «Ο θησαυρός του μακαρίτη» (The dead man's treasure) - (1959),
  • «Λαός και Κολονάκι» (Rich man, poor man) - (1959),
  • «2,000 ναύτες κι ένα κορίτσι» (2,000 sailors and a girl) - (1960),
  • «Ο μπαμπάς μου κι εγώ» (Daddy and me) - (1963),
  • «Ο αδελφός Άννα» (Brother Anna) - (1963),
  • «Ο ανήφορος» (The ascent) - (1964),
  • «Το μπλόκο» (The roundup) - (1964),
  • «Με τη λάμψη στα μάτια» (With a glow in their eyes) - (1966),
  • «Ο σατράπης» (The satrap) - (1967),
  • «Το πιο λαμπρό μπουζούκι» (The brightest bouzouki) - (1968),
  • «Ξύπνα καημένε Περικλή» (Wake up poor Pericles) - (1969),
  • «Ο άνθρωπος της καρπαζιάς» (The slappable man) - (1969),
  • «Ο άνθρωπος που έσπαγε πλάκα» (The man who was kidding) - (1972),
  • «Αγάπη μου παλιόγρια» (My beloved old hag) - (1972).