Yolanda Terenzio

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Yolanda Terenzio was a journalist, writer and BBC Hellenic voice during the dictatorship in Greece (1967 - 1974).

She was born in Athens in 1922. After finishing her studies at the Athens German School she enrolled in the Athens University Law School. However, she did not manage to finish her studies because she was arrested by the Germans during the Second World War and was detained at a concentration camp in Austria until the end of the war. After the end of the war, she studied at the High School of Journalism in Paris.

She began her career as journalist in 1948 when she worked as correspondent of Tachydromos of Alexandria. She worked for To Vima and Ta Nea newspapers from 1954-1967. In November 1967, she left for London, where she worked as a BBC journalist during dictatorship. With her broadcasts during the seven years of dictatorship, Yolanda Terenzio managed to brief the Greeks and the international public opinion, uplifting the Greek people's morale.

After the collapse of the dictatorship, she worked for Kathimerini newspaper as a correspondent in London and later, she wrote articles and made research. She was honored repeatedly for her contribution during dictatorship in Greece.

She died June 13, 2006. Her funeral was held at the First Cemetery of Athens.