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Yovan Tsaous (1893 - 1942, Greek: Γιοβάν Τσαούς) was a Greek musician and composer of rebetiko music. His real name was Yiannis Eitziridis or Etseridis (Γιάννης Εϊτζιρίδης or Ετσειρίδης).


Iovan Tsaous was born in 1893 and was from Kastamoni in Pontus. As an Ottoman citizen he did his national service with the rank of a sergeant. (Yovan is the turkish version of the name Yiannis and çavuş is the turkish word for sergeant). After the Asia Minor Disaster, he came to Greece as a refugee and settled at Piraeus where he worked as a sewmaker. He died in October 1942 of food poisoning along with his wife.


He has recorded the following thirteen songs which are his own compositions, sang by Stellakis Perpiniadis and Antonis Kalyvopoulos, with him accompanying them on saz:

  • Pente Magges sto Peiraia
  • Vlamissa (Βλάμισσα)
  • Diamanto alaniara (Διαμάντω αλανιάρα)
  • Yovan Tsaous (Τσαούς)
  • Gelasmenos (Γελασμένος)
  • Paraponiountai oi Magkes (Παραπονιούνται οι μάγκες)
  • Katadikos (Κατάδικος)
  • Maggissa (Μάγκισσα)
  • Se Mia Mikroula (Σε μια μικρούλα)
  • I Eleni I Zontochira (Η Ελένη η ζωντοχήρα)
  • O Prezakias (Ο πρεζάκιας)
  • Ego Thelo Priggipessa (Εγώ θέλω πριγκηπέσσα) = I Want The Princess
  • Drosati Peloponnisos (Δροσάτη Πελοπόννησος)

It said that his wife Aikaterini Charmoutzi (Αικατερίνη Χαρμουτζή) helped in writing his songs.

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