January 30

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  • 330 BC: Alexander the Great leads a united Greek army into Persepolis.
  • 1889: Maria Vetsera, a 17-year old baroness of Greek descent, commits suicide with her lover, Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria-Hungary.
  • 1923: Greece and Turkey sign the agreement to exchange populations. The Greeks of Constantinople and the Turks and other Muslims of Western Thrace are excluded from this mandatory exchange.
  • 1925: Patriarch Constantine VI of Constantinople is deported by the Turkish government.
  • 1929: Greek women acquire the right to vote.
  • 1995: Greek archaeologist, Lena Souvlatzi, announces in Egypt that she has discovered the tomb of Alexander the Great.




Feast days

  • Today is Three Hierarchs Day, a feast day for Greek schools. It honours the memory of:

John Chrysostom, Gregory Nazianzenus and Saint Basil.