Anastasios Charalabis

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Anastasios Charalabis was a Greek military and political figure of the latter part of the 19th Century - early part of the 20th.

Charalabis was born in 1862 to a family that hailed from Achaea prefecture in the Peloponnese. He served as a Lieutenant General in the Greek High Command and also served as Minister of the Military in 1917 and 1922. Briefly in 1916, he also served as Minister for the Interior.

After the Asia Minor Disaster, the revolutionary council of Nikolaos Plastiras and Stylianos Gonatas appointed Charalabis as temporary Prime Minister until Sotirios Krokidas could return to Athens and assume the office. After handing power to Krokidas, Charalabis served as his Minister for the Military.

He died on March 11, 1949.

Preceded by:
Nikolaos Triantaphyllakos
Prime Minister of Greece
September 29, 1922 - September 30, 1922
Succeeded by:
Sotirios Krokidas