Andreas Zakos

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Andreas Zakos

Andreas Zakos was a Cypriot EOKA fighter during the 1955 - 1959 struggle against the British.

Zakos was born on November 12, 1931, in the village of Linou, Lefkosia province but was brought up in Lefka. He was employed at Cyprus Metallurgical Works but when the struggle broke out he joined EOKA. On December 15, 1955, his group joined Markos Drakos' team for an ambush against a British detachment, led by Major B.J. Coombe, near Mersinaki, close to ancient Soloi. In the ensuing battle of Soloi, Zakos was injured and captured by the British.

Zakos was convicted by the British colonial court and sentenced to death. He was executed by hanging on August 9, 1956, along with his friend Charilaos Michail (also captured at Soloi) and Iakovos Patatsos, who was captured in a separate incident. The three men are buried in the Imprisoned Tombs of the Central Jail of Nicosia.