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Anestos (or Anestis) Delias (Ανέστης Δεληάς), nicknamed "Artemis" was a Greek rebetiko musician, a member of the Tetras, the Legendary of Piraeus group.

Delias was born Anestis Delios in Smyrna, Asia Minor in 1912. He came to Greece in the aftermath of the Asia Minor disaster in 1922, having to support his family as his father was killed in the atrocities that followed the loss of Smyrna.

Delias taught himself how to play musical instruments. By 1930, he was playing the bouzouki and the baglama in a tavern in Drapetsona. There, he met up with Markos Vamvakaris, Stratos Pagioumtzis and other rebetiko musicians. In 1934, he joined the Legendary Quartet of Piraeus - the first rebetiko musical group.

Delias died of a heroin overdose on July 31, 1944. He was found in the street, clutching his bouzouki.

His better known songs

  • Χαρέμι στο χαμάμ - A harem at the Turkish baths
  • Το σακκάκι - The jacket