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Arta (Greek: Άρτα, is one of the fifty-one prefectures of Greece. It is within the Epirus periphery. Its capital is also called Arta and was the capital of the Despotate of Epirus in the Middle Ages. The location is north of the Ambracian Gulf. Mountains surround the northeast with only one road linking into the Pineios valley and Thessaly, and low-land agricultural plains to its west. It is bounded by the prefectures of Preveza in the west, Ioannina to the north, Trikala in the east, Karditsa to the east and Aitoloakarnania to the south. The eastern boundary is bounded with the Acheloos River and the western boundary up to near GR-5/GR-21 jct is the Louros River.

Much of the population lives in the west, in the Arachthos valley, the south and east of Arta, further southeast, the Athamanian mountains and the southeast with a few parts of the north are the least populated.


The famous landmark which is over the Arachthos river is Arta's Old Bridge on its west side. The second famous is the ancient buildings. The downtown to its north is surrounded by a state highway.


Since 1996 or 1997 the bypass of Arta (GR-5) which will become Ioniki Odos linking Albania and Athens via Patras opened. Construction began in 1995. It runs in much of the prefecture.






Municipality YPES code Seat Postal code Area code ((0)30-)
Agnanta 0601 Agnanta 470 43 (0)31+26850-3
Amvrakikos 0602 Aneza 471 00 (0)30+26810-4
Arachthos 0604 Neochori 470 41 (0)30-26810-8
Arta 0604 Arta 471 00 26810
Athamania 0603 Vourgareli 470 45 (0)30+26850-2
Filothei 0616 Chalkiades 470 42 26810
Georgios Karaiskakis 0607 Diasello 470 48 26810-67
Iraklia 0608 Ano Kalentini 470 44 26810-68
Komboti 0611 Komboti 470 40 26810-65
Peta 0614 Peta 472 00 26810-8
Tetrafylia 0615 Astrochori 470 47 26850
Vlacherna 0606 Grammenitsa 471 00 26810-85
Xirovouni 0613 Ammotopos 482 00 26830-81


Commune YPES code Seat Postal code Area code ((0)30)-
Kommeno 0610 Kommeno (Arta) 471 00 26830-69
Melissourgoi 0612 Melissourgoi (Arta) 471 00 26830-26
Theodoriana 0609 Theodoriana 470 45 26850-22

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