August 8

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  • 626: The Akathist Hymn is created, an extensive lyric poem of unparalleled beauty, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, first chanted in the thanksgiving services following the victory of the Byzantine people of Constantinople over the Persians and Avars.
  • 754: The Council of Hieria ends
  • 754: Emperor Constantine V nominates Bishop Constantine of Sylaeum as Patriarch of Constantinople.
  • 1896: Greek volunteers land in Crete to support the Cretan revolt against the Ottoman Empire.
  • 1964: Turkish jets bombard Greek positions in Tylliria, Cyprus. 55 Greeks are killed and 125 are wounded. Half of that number are civilians.
  • 2011: The Athens Stock Exchange General Index falls below 1000 for the first time since January 7, 1997, closing at 998.24, after an overall drop of 6.02%.