Ioannis Palamiotis

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Ioannis Palamiotis was a Greek athlete who competed in the triple jump.

Palamiotis was born in 1914 in Karditsa, Thessaly. He started his athletic career as a football player for Anagennisis Karditsa. Later, he left football for track and field, becoming one of the best Greek triple jump athletes of his era. As an athlete, he competed for Gymnastic Club Trikala and later Panathinaikos.

In the European Championships of 1938, held in Paris, he captured 4th place, breaking the Greek record in the process with 14.70m. Twelve years later, he competed in the European Games in Brussels, finishing 14th - at age 36. In between, Palamiotis saw action on the Pindus front in World War II.

He won gold medals in three consecutive Balkan Games: 1938, 1939 and 1940.

Palamiotis broke the Greek record four times:

After he retired from action, Palamiotis became a coach for AEK.

He died on February 5, 2010.