June 4

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  • 713: Anastasius II ascends to the Byzantine throne.
  • 1878: Cyprus Convention: The Ottoman Empire cedes Cyprus to the United Kingdom but retains nominal title.
  • 1959: Greece rejected a Soviet note urging that no missile bases be established on Greek soil.
  • 1974: Archbishop Makarios III announces his intent to decrease the strength of the Cypriot National Guard and replace the Junta-appointed mainland officers.
  • 1977: Greece releases five British plane-spotters imprisoned for spying; they were released after 10 weeks in jail. {BBC)
  • 1992: Bavarian Greeks petition their local government to convince the German government not to recognise FYROM as "Macedonia".
  • 1993: FYROM reject Slobodan Milosevic's initiative to settle their dispute with Greece by being known as "Slavic Macedonia"
  • 1993: Greece claims that she lost $2.6 billion on account of the EU embargo against Yugoslavia.
  • 2010: Pope Benedict XVI visits Cyprus marking his first visit to an Orthodox country and the first visit ever to Cyprus by any pope of Rome.
  • 2020: Haris Alexiou announces her retirement during an interview on the TV show “Katalili ora” due to persisting voice problems.