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F.A.S. Naoussa FC is the local football club of the city of Naoussa, Imathia prefecture, in Macedonia, northern Greece.

The club was founded on May 14, 1964 from the merger of Pannaoussaikos A.O. with Olympiakos Naoussa, a club that existed since 1934.

Stadium: National Stadium of Naoussa

Address: 10 28th October Street, Naoussa 59200, Greece

Naoussa has produced players such as Yiotis Tsalouchidis, Dimitris Markos and Vasilis Tsartas. They have played in the Alpha Ethniki one season (1994) but have fallen on difficult times since and are currently (2009 season) in the local Imathia league but have clinched a spot for the Football D Division in the next season.