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Yiannis Skarimbas, Yiannis Skarimpas or Yiannis Skaribas (Γιάννης Σκαρίμπας) (Born September 28, 1893 in Agia Efthymia near Amfissa - Died January 20, 1984) was a Greek writer, dramatist, and poet.


Skarimbas was born in Agia Efthymia in the Parnassida an area near Amfissa in Fokida on September 28, 1897. He later visited Aigio and settled in Patras. Later, Skarimbas lived and worked in Eretria on the island of Euboea and Chalkida (1915). He began writing plays in 1929. He died at the age of 91 on January 20, 1984.


Skarimbas began his literary career with Ellinika Grammata (Greek Letters) in 1929, which received first awards for O Kapetan Sourmelis o Stouraitis (Ο καπετάν Σουρμελής ο Στουραΐτης). Skarimpas also wrote poems about Athena, other than the poems in the newspapers Evripos and Evvoia with his pseudonym Kallis Esperinos (Κάλλις Εσπερινός)

  • Kaimoi sto Griponisi (Καημοί στο Γριπονήσι,), 1930
  • Mariampas (Μαριάμπας), Greek novel 1935
  • To Solo tou Figaro (Το σόλο του Φίγκαρω, Το σόλο του Figaro = Figaro's Solo), novel, 1938
  • Eaftoulides (Εαυτούληδες), poem, 1950
  • O Ichos tou Kodonos (Ο ήχος του κώδωνος), stage play, 1950
  • I Peripolos 7 (Η περίπολος Ζ), chronicle from the First World War, 1972
  • To Waterloo Dyo Geloion (Το Βατερλώ δύο γελοίων), novel 1959
  • I Mathitevomeni Ton Takounion (Η μαθητευομένη των τακουνιών), three novellas, 1961
  • Fygi Pros ta Empros (Φυγή προς τα εμπρός), novel 1976
  • Voidangeloi (Βοϊδάγγελοι), poem 1968
  • Apantes Stichoi (Άπαντες στίχοι), poem 1970
  • O Chevalier Servant tis Kyrias (Ο Σεβαλιέ σερβάν της Κυρίας), stage play, 1971
  • To '21 kai i Alitheia, I Trapoula, Oi Galatades (Το '21 και η αλήθεια, Η Τράπουλα, Οι Γαλατάδες), story 1971 - 1977
  • Tyflovdomada sti Chalkida (Τυφλοβδομάδα στη Χαλκίδα), work 1973
  • Treis Adeies Karekles (Τρεις άδειες καρέκλες = Three Empty Chairs), work 1976
  • Ta Poulia me to Lasticho (Τα πουλιά με το λάστιχο = The Birds With the Hose), chronography, 1978
  • Ta Kangouro (Τα Καγκουρώ = The Kangaroo), stage play, 1979
  • Spazokefales ston Ourano (Σπαζοκεφαλιές στον ουρανό), 1979
  • Anti-Karagiozis o Megas (Αντι-Καραγκιόζης ο Μέγας), stage play, 1977
  • I Kyria tou Trainou (Η κυρία του τραίνου' = Master of the Train), stage play 1980
  • O Pater Synesios (Ο Πάτερ Συνέσιος), stage play, 1980

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